Long-time friends Chloé (bass), Eustaquia (vocals) and Ruth (guitar) started Bones of Minerva in 2013, with Nerea joining on drums in early 2018. Like a chimera, their music is a menagerie of sound; vocalist Eustaquia shifts from hypnotic melodies to savage growls, pairing introspective lyrics with dreamy landscapes whilst Nerea is a powerhouse of crashing progressive rhythms that pairs with the band’s heavy riffs and swirling basslines to brutal effect.

Their debut BLUE MOUNTAINS (2017) was initially self-released, with a reissue the following year through Nooirax and La Rubia Producciones. Two years of nonstop activity saw them play festivals like Download Madrid and Resurrection Fest as well as dates all over Spain, Sweden and the UK.

In early 2022 the band announced they had signed with Spanish label Aloud Music (Toundra, Viva Belgrado) to publish their second full-length alongside La Rubia Producciones once more. A new single, Swamp, was released soon after as a 7” to mark the beginning of this new chapter, and on September 16th their second album EMBERS was released in full.

The band opted for a live recording at Metropol Studios (Madrid) with producer Alex Cappa, a process that has seen the band hone their sound and expanding into progressive and post-rock territory on tracks like Merula or Silence. EMBERS is a journey that takes us through smoke, across forests and swamps, to the very roots of mother earth herself. It is the remnants of a fire ready to surge at any moment as a roaring force.

Performances in 2023 have included Azkena Rock in the Basque Country alongside the legendary Melvins or Iggy Pop, and Bristol’s iconic ArcTanGent Festival, sharing the lineup with Converge, GGGOLDDD, Loathe or Brutus. The band completed their first UK Tour in August and have just completed their first EU tour supporting British metallers Svalbard.

Foto credit : Sergio Albert